Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church and Preschool

402 S. Baytree North Platte Ne  

Service 8:45 am & 11 am   

Christian Family Night/Midweek Classes

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EveryWednesday evening, from mid-September to mid-May (yup, we take the summer off!) Beautiful Savior holds Christian Family Nights which include; supper, midweek classes, confirmation, Sr. High youth group, children's activities and Adult Bible Study.  These events start at 5:30 for supper with activities at 6:30. 

Midweek Classes

Midweek:  6:30 – 7:30

There are two classes one for the 5th graders and one for 6th graders
The fifth graders focus a year on going through the Bible with a study called “God’s Action Plan”
Led by Janet Livingston

The sixth graders just for this year are focusing the year on going through the Bible with a study called “My Journey in Faith”
Led by Jarryn Wiley-Pearce

Confirmation:  6:30 – 8:00

Focus of study is life application based on Luther’s Small Catechism and supporting Bible Stories.  For more information…
Led by Pastor Bob

Sr. High Bible Study:  6:30 - 8:00

The Sr. High (9th – 12th) gather together to spend time with each other, have Bible Study, and have fun.  Currently, we are working through a Bible study called "Glow".  This study is designed to give a Biblical account of the creation of the world to combat the Big Bang Theory and Evolution taught in schools. 

Children's Activities

For children from Pre-K through 4th grade each Wednesday there is an object lesson with activities based on the Sunday School lesson from the Sunday before.

Led by Colleen Steele

Adult Bible Time

For the adults there is also a time where they can spend in Bible Study or in fellowship in an activity like Bible Trivia. 

Led by Board of Outreach